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“The roots of soul music and gospel music is tribulation. It’s trials, it’s desperation. That’s why we all connect to music in some way, shape, or form. And those are exactly the themes and the ideas from the record. It only made sense we would want to be adding some of these elements,” Mattson describes. 

With each rhythm, each note, there’s a story of where it came from, a marker of pain that can’t be undone, but, more importantly, has been redeemed. Maybe great songs come out of hard times because redemption comes out of hard times.

“This album is about believing that what Scripture says is actually for us. We can believe God for someone else all day long, but to believe God for ourselves is a totally different thing. Every song on this record speaks to some kind of emotion or struggle we’ve been going through, along with the fact that His love is the reason. It’s the reason we have everything we need. It’s the reason we can love ourselves, it’s the reason we’ve made it this far, it’s the reason we can look in the mirror and be confident, and know we’re going to be all right.”


Driven by a passion to share the love of Jesus with as many as possible in every nation, White Ribbon Day has performed hundreds of shows across the globe, reaching hundreds of thousands of people with their soul-influenced, high-energy pop sound.

Unique and unorthodox, WRD’s fusion of worldwide beats, modern melodies, and honest lyrics is intended to push beyond the boundaries of the Christian music norm and invite audiences around the world to experience the hope and love available in the person of Jesus Christ.


Tim Byrne is an Urban Missionary/ Pastor and Itinerant Evangelist under the leadership of the original Skatechurch in Portland, OR. As a Pro Skateboarder since the early 2000's, Tim has used his skating to reach hundreds of thousands with the Gospel. "My mission is to simply share the good news of Jesus and disciple those that are often overlooked in our culture to repent of sin and to know God through His Holy Word." Tim does this each week through his role at Skatechurch, and by partnering with numerous ministries all over the globe.

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